WIHCON Makes Owning A Piece Of The Rock Even More Rewarding

“I thought hearing the excitement in their voices when we told them they had won was great, but when we actually handed them the airline tickets, the smiles on their faces were hard to beat!” said Janelle Brown, sales and marketing manager at WIHCON.

WIHCON’s ‘Own A Piece of the Rock’ promotion gave Jamaicans living in the diaspora (the United States and the United Kingdom) who purchased a WIHCON home during the period October 14, 2016 to November 30, 2016, a chance to win a trip back home.

“We wanted to continue with our diaspora outreach which began in March of 2016. WIHCON understands the importance of owning your own piece of The Rock even if you aren’t living here in Jamaica at the moment. You want to make sure you’ve secured it for when you or a loved one is ready. We are here to help you do that,” said Aisha Campbell, WIHCON’s general manager.

Winners from the United States, Gary Bryant and his spouse, Krystal Bryant, who won the return trip from the USA to Jamaica on Caribbean Airlines, joined the prize handover event via Skype, and Sean Edwards, spouse of Tavina Hutchinson who was the winner of a return trip from the United Kingdom on British Airways collected the prize on behalf of his wife.

“We couldn’t believe it when we won but now we have our own piece of ‘The Rock’ and Tavina will be home soon to see it for herself,” Edwards said.

For more than 50 years, WIHCON has been the standard bearer in real estate development. With more than 50 schools and 46,000 homes built, they remain dedicated to building great communities, providing real value for money, and encouraging the growth of the Jamaican economy.

Brown informed that WIHCON has more promotions in store. WIHCON’s Reconnect promotion continues to reward local WIHCON homeowners along with friends, family or co-workers who they refer. To find out more about The Coming Home to You Tour in the US, call 1-855-852-3746 or (876) 754-7008 locally. Online information is available at www.wihcon.com, West Indies Home Contractors on Facebook or @Wihcon on Instagram.