Our Youth

For more than 20 years, the ICD Group has been giving back to the nation’s youth through humanitarian initiatives, touching thousands of lives.


At ICD Group we see the need to promote youth empowerment through personal and professional development. Therefore, to help us blaze a trail in leading change, and making a difference, we instituted our annual Summer Internship Programme in 2015 to expose the nation’s youth to various fields and industries. 

Each year we seek out driven, passionate and dedicated young people who are ready to bring cutting-edge ideas to the table while honing their creative skills across various businesses and markets. More than that, the cohort of interns receive the privilege of hosting a riveting staff-engagement competition based on one of the Group’s core values be it Passion, Innovation, Excellence or Integrity.


We take a holistic approach to youth development of which sports is indispensable. Playing a sport and being a part of a team can positively influence young people in a way that improves their leadership skills, self esteem and keeps them active among other things. Through our MultiCare Youth Foundation as well as Group sponsorships, ICD has supported sporting events, camps, and related initiatives to enable access to and improvement of sports programmes for Jamaica’s youth.


The cornerstone of our CSR Programming is the MultiCare Youth Foundation, established originally in April 1993 under the theme “Creating Hope, Empowering Many.” Following the merger of Youth Upliftment Through Employment (Y.U.T.E.) and the MultiCare Foundation, which both had a shared vision of providing inner-city youth with soft and technical skills for the future, MYF continues to support nation- building through youth development and mentorship.