Amber Connects, Detects And Protects

Having your car stolen is any motorist’s worst nightmare. Vehicles are stolen intentionally, not accidentally and auto theft constitutes a significant economic loss to society. Amber Connect Limited, an innovative tech solutions company has found a way to improve your car security and give you

peace of mind with a discreet Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker.

Unfortunately, the most popular vehicles for thieves are also the most popular vehicles for consumers. However, by specialising in the development of applications that are consumer centric, as well as customisable, Amber Connect has developed several applications intended to offer security for individuals and their assets.

Additional Measures

According to Carl Brenninkmeijer, chief operating officer at Amber Connect Limited, drivers of theft-prone vehicles must take additional anti-theft measures to ensure the security of the vehicle. Amber Connect, he said offers more than just vehicle tracking. The company ensures the security and safety of the motor vehicle.

“The Amber App is packed with features every individual should have and truly connects your Amber car devices to your digital life, making not only your driving experience safer, easier and less expensive, but also protecting you and your loved ones in case of emergency,” Brenninkmeijer said.

Thieves typically choose vehicles with huge profit potential when the cars are stripped down to their components, which then supply a vast black market for parts. Thieves also tend to put more time and effort into stealing popular cars.

However, Amber Connect has developed an app that significantly minimises the risk of theft of these motor vehicles. “Our Amber Shield product turns the car into a smart car. If the car feels threatened, the car alerts you on your phone and automatically switches off the engine,” he said.

Amber Connect is also able to activate a geo-fence for your motor vehicle or your home. A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area and can be dynamically generated, as in a radius around a store or point location, or a geo-fence can be a predefined set of boundaries.

“If a business has a fleet of motor vehicles and they want them to stay within a particular area, we can draw a customer a shape, which does not allow the vehicle to go outside of that specific area.

If the vehicle goes outside of the ‘fence’ then a notification is sent informing the company or owner of the vehicle,” Brenninkmeijer said.

For safety reasons, individuals can also access their trip sharing app which allows you to share a live trip.

This feature is available through a web link and stays active for the duration of time you want it to remain active.

Additional Features

Other features include notifications when the car exceeds the speed limit, and sending messages informing emergency contacts of the location of your vehicle when the car breaks down. For persons who claim for travelling expenses from companies each month, Amber apps also provide statistics including kilometres travelled, fuel expenditure and provides reminders for maintenance and servicing of the motor vehicle. Through its advanced technology systems Amber Connect is also able to track motorcycles, boats and aeroplanes.

“People are happy with the service because we offer many features and functionalities. They see the power and the accuracy behind what we offer,” Brenninkmeijer said.

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