JPS, WIHCON open smart house

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) and West Indies Home Contractors (WIHCON) have launched their first smart house in the community of Meadows of Irwin, St James.

The house is equipped with advanced automation, capable of syncing, controlling and monitoring various electronic devices in the home via a desktop computer or a mobile device, such as the cell phone or tablet.

The smart home includes security features that allow users to access cameras remotely, detect break-ins and send alerts to activate alarm systems.


The home also gives the resident the power to carry out functions remotely, such as switching on lights, turning on home sprinkler systems for watering and detecting water leaks.

Additionally, the smoke detector is capable of sending an alarm to the resident’s cell phone, while audiovisual systems may be set to provide music, messages, or other data at specified times.

The window blinds can be set to open or close at specific times, and appliances such as air conditioners or televisions may be programmed to turn on or off at identified times.

The home is further equipped with a car-charging station for electric vehicles.