Our Commitment

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the cornerstone of who we are and exemplifies our values. With a particular focus on LEADING CHANGE, we have dedicated our resources to MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the lives of YOUTH, OUR TEAM and OUR COMMUNITY/ENVIRONMENT.

Yasmin Benjamin, Group HR Programme Manager
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ICD + GK Foundation Mural on South Camp Road 

ICD Group joined forces with GK Foundation to create an incredible mural on South Camp Road. We executed the mural (remove “was also done”) in partnership with Kingston Creative in keeping with their mission to transform downtown into an Art District. The mural’s theme was “Our Environment, Our communities and the Upliftment of the Youth for a better future”. It was designed and painted by Charl Baker and her assistants, who were members of the neighbouring community. 

How the mural aligns with the company's CSR themes:

One of ICD’s main CSR commitments is Community, which includes the development of downtown, our home for decades. We are always looking for ways to uplift the community so that residents feel proud to live here and show more respect for their environs. In addition, we wanted to increase awareness about the elements highlighted in the theme. The mural is beautiful and shares the primary message of protecting our environment and preserving our community.

Youth development and upliftment is also an essential aspect of the mural, which has always been at the heart of everything we do at ICD. This motive is evident in the work we do through The Multicare Youth Foundation, the non-profit arm of the group.

Why GK Foundation as a partner?

Grace Kennedy has been our Harbour Street neighbour from the very beginning. They have been consistent with their investment in the community, from commercial to CSR initiatives. GK Foundation shares similar values to ICD/MYF, particularly regarding youth and community development, making this partnership organic. We have also collaborated on other projects in the past. 

Why did we invest in the mural?

The location: The mural is on the exterior wall of the ICD headquarters, which is one of the main entrances to the downtown area from South Camp Road. We wanted people to know that the occupants of this community care and take pride in our environs, and we expect this same courtesy from others. Also, as it is a landmark area, we knew if we wanted to share a message about our environment, community and youth, it would provide an incredible opportunity. 

The message: “Our Environment, Our communities and the Upliftment of the Youth for a better Future.” Preserving the environment, developing communities and uplifting youth are major focus areas for us. Our slogan, Leading Change. Making A Difference”, is always at the forefront of everything we do, and we intend to impact change through this mural.