We are indisputably the number one deals and promotions website in Jamaica.

What makes us unique

Gustazos® is a subsidiary of Social Media Group, based in Puerto Rico. ICD owns a significant minority in this e-commerce platform that offers customers up to 90% discounts on hotels, attractions, restaurants, shows and more.

The company operates in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Canary Islands and Jamaica. Since its introduction to these markets, Gustazos has captured a large and loyal customer following due to its easy-to-use platform and pointed customer focus. 

Social Media Group also owns TouchBase, a prolific mass email service that continues to multiply through a strong value proposition of functionality and excellent delivery rates. In addition to this, they have launched FanGig, a white-label event-first holistic tool that can market all kinds of events. 

Social Media Group continues to innovate and keep its customers engaged online by expanding its e-commerce offering beyond sales, to include donation promotion initiatives. 

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