WIHCON Places New Homes On The Market At Irwin

Tuscany exterior


Tameka Gordon, Business Reporter

West Indies Home Contrac-tors Limited (WIHCON) has brought another 169 homes to market under the current phase of the Meadows of Irwin development in St James.

The project was first designed by CanCara Developers which launched phase one of the development, but two years ago WIHCON bought out the project, redesigned the layout and introduced the new houses, said WIHCON director, Judith Bruce.

The developer plans to build about 778 homes in total on the property with backing from Scotiabank Jamaica.

The units now on the market include 131 two-bedroom semi-detached units and 38 two-bedroom detached units.

Another 371 houses, duplexes and detached houses are due on the market in ensuing phases.

Bruce said WIHCON aims to complete the entire Meadows project in three years.

The property spans 147 acres of “rolling hills” at Irwin.

“It is geared at young people who are buying their first home, Jamaicans overseas who want a vacation home without having to worry about having a huge house to be maintained in their absence, and older couples downsizing from large family homes to a small attractive house they can easily maintain,” said Bruce.

“The Medici unit is a two bedroom, one-bathroom starter home that can be extended over a period of time to create a larger home as the customers’ needs expand while the Tuscany is larger but has a similar design.”

Along with a fenced perimeter and a gated entrance, the development will also have a police post when completed, as well as play areas and a community centre.

Subject to escalation

Priced at J$6.63 million, the semi-detached Medici units come with a minimum lot area of 2,478 square feet, while the J$7.45 million detached units have just over 3,770 square feet. Prices are subject to escalation.

Irwin is located just minutes outside of Montego Bay. The early phases of the Meadows project have already delivered 238 homes to the market.

WIHCON has declined to state the level of investment in the project.

“The houses are priced to enable customers to access mortgage loans from the National Housing trust (NHT) and the other major mortgage lenders. So a couple who are both working should be able to use their NHT benefit to buy the Medici unit.”