Gustazos promotes recovery of tourism sector

The tourism sector has been one of the most impacted by the effects of the pandemic, as well as the economies that depend on this industry. Such is the case of the Caribbean countries, where thousands of jobs have been affected by the closure of hotels and the paralysis of economic activity.

As the economies of these countries have begun to react, hotels have adopted strict hygiene protocols to open their doors and offer safe and pleasant accommodation in this new reality.

In this reopening process, has become the pioneer channel to publicise local and international tourism. In addition, the platform not only offers the best opportunities to enjoy a safe vacation, at the best price available in the market, but also how the hotel and resort services are applying hygiene protocols.

Gustazos is an ally of hotels and resorts. After the reopening of the tourism sector, Gustazos has managed to fill more than 40,000 rooms for the hotels it represents, guaranteeing its users locations that are responsibly managing the new normal of COVID-19.

The company says it is committed to continuing to develop and recover local tourism, providing services and products for mass consumption to its customers, such as equipment and supplies for protection against COVID-19, food from supermarkets, electronics, restaurants in delivery/pickup service, contactless delivery from stores to shopping centres, among others.