Wolfe-Mullings: Interest growing in MYF competitions

The MultiCare Youth Foundation (MYF) Inter-Schools’ Girls’ Football and Mixed Basketball competitions were held on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Breezy Castle Centre on Harbour Street in downtown Kingston.

Twenty-two primary and high schools under the MYF umbrella and 406 students participated in the competitions, which featured three age groups: 10-12, which competed on the first day, and the 13-15 and 16-18 on the second day. Holy Family Primary copped the win for mixed basketball in the 10-12 group, while Clan Carthy Primary emerged victorious for girls football. Greater Portmore High School championed both the 13-15 and 16-18 age groups in girls’ football, while Haile Selassie High did the same in the mixed basketball competitions.

Sports coordinator for the MYF, Neisha Wolfe-Mullings, was impressed by the participation level compared to previous years. She said: “The schools are showing more interest, especially in the girls’ football. Twice per year, we have ‘train the trainer’ workshops, and coming out of that, coaches and physical-education teachers are equipped with the knowledge and techniques to train their students for these competitions,” she said.

“All that has been displayed here during these past two days of competition is just a testament to how important those workshops have been and shows the increasing development of the students within the various sporting disciplines,” Wolfe-Mullings added.

Organised in partnership with the Sports Development Foundation, the competitions are part of the foundation’s sports programme, which seeks to inculcate positive values, the lifelong adoption of a healthy lifestyle, and the building of confidence and self-esteem among young people in its 32 beneficiary schools.