WIHCON Launches Forest Ridge Development

West Indies Home Contractors Limited (WIHCON) will spend about $900 million on its next project – a mix of studios and apartments to be called Forest Ridge.

The development which was launched on Tuesday will comprise 67 units due to be placed on the market for sale in a year’s time, says general manager of WIHCON’s development division, Aisha Campbell.

Forest Ridge is located five minutes from the foot of Red Hills in Kingston.

“It’s central area. You get this feeling that you are in Kingston, but not really in Kingston – that’s what we really want to capitalise on,” Campbell said.

The development will take up 5.5 acres of an 8.5-acre property owned by the construction company.

“We are developing all of the land, but because of the terrain, we are not able to use all of it, so the remaining land will be left as wood and natural scape,” Campbell said.

Forest Ridge targets “upwardly mobile young professionals” as well as investors, with the units priced between $14 million and $27 million.

One apartment block will have 29 studios and 14 two-bedroom units. The studios will range from 635 to 800 square feet with the two-bedroom apartments at 950 square feet.

The other block will feature 12 apartments and 12 condos, Campbell said. The condos will range from 1,675 square feet to 1,012 square feet.

“Forest Ridge development has been designed to meet the needs of young couples who are establishing a family home and upwardly mobile young single professionals. The architects, Plexus Limited, have sought to incorporate a modern approach to what might be considered a traditional look by integrating shed roofs, arches, textures, and bands,” Campbell said.

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