ICD Group Upgrades Parade Gardens Park

ICD Group‘s Labour Day project 2015 was a great success and another demonstration of how ICD Group Holdings employees live the values of excellence, integrity, passion and innovation.  The project chosen this year through consultation with the subsidiaries was the refurbishment of the Parade Gardens Park located on the corner of Harbour Street and Gold Street.

The project was well supported, led by Mr. Peter Melhado, the President and CEO of ICD Group Holdings, along with a number of senior managers and employees who worked alongside a number of adults and children of the Southside community.

The day started on time and everyone who assembled got to work immediately clearing up the debris that had collected from years of neglect.  All the subsidiaries were represented on the project.

A community member set up a sound system in his car and belted out some great tunes and set the vibe for the day by providing music.  Another area entrepreneur agreed to cook lunch by providing his pan and cooking skills.  ICD  provided the coal, chicken and seasoning.

The project consisted of clearing up the debris, refurbishing and repainting the existing equipment, installing four fixed garbage bins, replacing the basketball backboard and net, marking out the court and installing new equipment.  The perimeter fence was repaired or replaced by a professional fencing company.

At the end of the day, all who participated could look back with satisfaction at the Parade Gardens Playgound as another demonstration of ICD Group Holdings’  values.  Passion by committing to work to create the beautiful playground; innovation through the installation of equipment using recycled tyres; integrity by completing all the elements we agreed to include in the project and excellence in the finished project.

So each time you happen to drive east on Harbour Street don’t forget to look left at the results of the Labour Day 2015 project and see the children enjoying the fruits of the ICD Group Holding’s labour.  Thanks to all who participated. Click here for more photos!

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