Gustazos Now In Five Markets

President and CEO of ICD Group Limited Peter Melhado said Monday that deal site, which launched in mid-2015 in partnership with Social Media Group LLC, is now in five markets, including the Spanish Canary Islands.

Melhado, in an update to Gleaner Business, said the company continued to be “a significant shareholder” in the parent company based in Puerto Rico and also in the Jamaican subsidiary.

For 2018: “We plan to continue to invest behind the brand and work with existing and new merchants to bring great deals of 50 per cent off or more to our customers,” he said.

Gustazos launched in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2011. Jamaica became the second country to host the ecommerce platform in 2015 and since then Gustazos has expanded to the Canary Islands, Dominican Republic and Panama.

Melhado said the online portal has delivered savings of US$196.9 million to clients and that 2.9 million Gustazos coupons have been sold to deal hunters. The site also claims 1.13 million followers on Facebook.

Deals such as discounted resort stays include all taxes and fees. Purchasers must show the Gustazos coupon and identification to obtain the discount.

“We do not share individual country data but the website shows the total deals, savings, etc, at the very bottom of the page,” Melhado said.

As to revenue earnings: “Again, we do not share data, except to say we have grown well over 100 per cent year on year,” said the ICD head. “I can say that we are extremely pleased with how the Jamaican subsidiary is progressing,” he added.