Global IT Co Chooses Durban for Africa HQ

DURBAN, South Africa, 28 August 2018 – Dushyant Savadia, the CEO and founder of Amber Group LTD, has confirmed his commitment to investment and job creation in South Africa with the opening of African operations officially headquartered in Umhlanga, Durban.

“With Durban having the largest port in Southern Africa and this being a pivotal feeder for road transport – our main core business – and its accessibility to South Africa’s other main cities, Durban is a logical choice,” says Savadia.

Amber Connect LTD, a proudly Jamaican born IT start-up company founded to fund various philanthropic and humanitarian projects, will now be operating their revolutionary software and vehicle telematics platform throughout South Africa, Namibia and Sub Saharan Africa. The companies mandate through its CEO and founder is to provide increased quality of life, convenience and safety to all its customers, and the company is already very proud of its stalwart achievements worldwide in this regard.

The Amber Connect vehicle telematics product has already revolutionized the vehicle security and fleet management industry worldwide with its cutting-edge IOT (internet of things) technology and its affordable AI base.

Currently, Amber Connect has involved fleet management and insurance verticals with large corporates in South Africa with its analytical report-based software. Multiple corporates have already signed up their fleets under the Amber banner and it has already started engaging with various parastatals. The Companies vision is to have more than 100,000 of its telematics units on the road in the next 18 months.

“Amber Connect is not only a global leading vehicle tracking and telematics company, but is turning the vehicle insurance telematics arena on its head with the launch of our revolutionary Insurance Telematics software that not only assists insurance companies with AI supported driver behaviour analysis but actually puts lower insurance premiums in the hands of the consumer by virtue of its dynamic driver behaviour profiling and scoring,’’ says Savadia.

Savadia is also the brainchild of industry technology powerhouses Kuya TechnologiesAmber Fuels and Amber Aura with each company bringing consumer’s cost-effective technology and software solutions in the Fuel, Energy and Facility Management and building arena.

Amber Connect is represented in 23 Countries worldwide with recent launches of the Amber Connect product in North America through a strategic partnership with Best Buy Inc. “This foray into the US and Canadian markets, like our launch here in Africa, was a massive milestone achievement for Amber Connect,” adds Savadia.

Through its direct and indirect involvement and investment in South Africa Amber Connect has already created over 1000 job opportunities, and with the company’s exponential growth forecast over the coming 12 months, Savadia hopes to increase this figure to well over 3000 people by year-end.

Savadia survived a tumultuous adolescence in India and was on a crash course to self-destruction when he managed to pull himself out of the life of debauchery that he was living through a chance encounter with, and personal reinvention through, the Art of Living Foundation – a humanitarian and NGO organization founded by international peace laureate Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and now represented in 156 countries worldwide.

Asked what his vision on what his business and humanitarian interests in Southern Africa will bring, Savadia said:

“I believe that Southern Africa is ready for our internationally acclaimed vehicle telematics product and with the phenomenal uptake we have already seen and achieved in South Africa to date, Amber Connect will only be going from strength to strength in the coming fiscal year.

“On my numerous trips to South Africa over the last couple of months while I was laying the foundation of Amber Connect’s business interests, I have been greatly impressed by the sense of ‘Ubuntu’ and passion of the South African people towards their country and this connectivity of people, being very similar to my humanitarian efforts, is paramount in growing compassion and care in communities across a country.

“My dream for South Africa is not only to provide an affordable, secure platform for the South African vehicle market but in parallel to enhance the corporate responsibility of other corporate South African’s towards bringing social transformation and the uplifting of individuals, through job creation, education and general peace of mind, thus contributing to the society and helping to build a better, safer, South Africa.

“The true prosperity of a country lies in the happiness of its people. We need to see people combating stress better and reducing anger, which has been proven to be effective in combatting crime and violence.

“As my mentor, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar always says: ‘We want to bring a smile to every face and we won’t stop until we have achieved it’.

“This has become my personal goal for South Africa and I shall not rest until I have achieved it,” concludes Savadia.