Durban chosen as Africa HQ for global IT company

GLOBAL IT company, Amber Group LTD, has selected Umhlanga, Durban as the headquarters for its African operations.

CEO and Founder Dushyant Savadia (pictured) said, “With Durban having the largest port in Southern Africa and this being a pivotal feeder for road transport – our main core business – and its accessibility to South Africa’s other main cities, Durban is a logical choice”.

According to Savadia, the Jamaican born company was founded to fund various philanthropic and humanitarian projects and will now be distributing its software and vehicle telematics platform throughout South Africa, Namibia and Sub Saharan Africa.

Amber Connect has provided fleet management and analytical report-based software to several large corporates in South Africa and has already started engaging with various parastatals. It aims is to have more than 100 000 of its telematics units on the road in the next 18 months.

“Amber Connect is not only a global leading vehicle tracking and telematics company, but is turning the vehicle insurance telematics arena on its head with the launch of our revolutionary Insurance Telematics software that not only assists insurance companies with AI supported driver behaviour analysis but actually puts lower insurance premiums in the hands of the consumer by virtue of its dynamic driver behaviour profiling and scoring,” Savadia said.

The India-born entrepreneur is also the brains behind Kuya Technologies, Amber Fuels and Amber Aura which offer “cost-effective technology and software solutions” in the fuel, energy, facilities management and building arenas.

Amber Connect is represented in 23 countries following a recent launch in North America through a strategic partnership with Best Buy Inc.

“This foray into the US and Canadian markets, like our launch here in Africa, was a massive milestone achievement for Amber Connect,” Savadia said, adding that the company had already created over 1000 jobs and hoped to increase this figure to well over 3000 by year-end.

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