BCIC’s 50th Red-Carpet Affair

The British Caribbean Insurance Company Limited (BCIC) 50th anniversary was celebrated as a night of grandeur at the University of the West Indies Mona Visitors’ Lodge on Thursday, January 17. Staff members, clients, investors, fellow insurance colleagues and well-wishers were treated to a magnificent red-carpet affair. Fashionably chic patrons were offered a drink after completing the red-carpet stretch, as the BCIC dancers dressed in red provided a backdrop of contemporary fine art.

The lodge, decked out in red and white, provided a wide variety of delectable appetisers in a buffet setting and drinks close to the entrance. Mingling supporters were seen admiring the 50-ice sculpture showcased on the left as they walked down the path towards the main event, while on the right, the BCIC photo booth, with its props, supplied instant photographs, which left a lasting impression to those who experienced the vintage concept in a modern setting.

The focal zone hosted the main stage and the dance floor, exemplifying an avant garde café. Different lounges housed the crowd who listened keenly to the speeches from the chairman of the board, Joseph Matalon, Minister Horace Dalley and Managing Director Peter Levy all warmly introduced by the radiant master of ceremonies, Paula-Anne Porter-Jones.

Individuals were subsequently sent off to partake in local and oriental cuisine located on the café’s outskirt, as well as the open bar located on the opposing side of the cocktail reception. Sparkles Disco intensified the vibe, exploring music from yesteryear. The BCIC Dancers got on their pedestals and complemented the music, partying on the platform. The festivities for the night were completed when the fabulous Fab Five band made their way to the stage and electrified the masses with their dynamic musical package, getting everyone in a dancing mood.