Business Leader Nominee #1 — WIHCON

Today, we publish the first of 15 stories on the nominees for the Jamaica Observer Business Leader Corporate Award. The award presentation and announcement of the Business Leader Corporate will take place on Sunday, December 2 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston.

West Indies Home Contractors Ltd (WIHCON) has earned its place within the pantheon of corporate greatness many times over.

With a history — stretching back to pre-Independence Jamaica — marked by a relentless pursuit of housing solutions for the emerging middle class, WIHCON makes an irresistible case for nomination for the Jamaica Observer Business Leader Corporate Award.

This company began casting its prodigious shadow over the island’s housing sector in 1958.

That year, as its first building blocks began to rise from the ground, home ownership suddenly became a realistic goal for urban dwelling civil servants and other members of the country’s inchoate middle class.

Like most innovative ideas, the Mona Heights development in St Andrew attracted its fair share of controversy, and had no shortage of sceptics. After all, the 680-unit housing community built on sparing lots with conterminous boundaries had no visual or architectural parallels within 1950s Jamaica.
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