BCIC Boosts Education for Life Programme at Scots Kirk

The British Caribbean Insurance Company (BCIC) presented the St. Andrew’s Scots Kirk United Church with a cheque to mark the launch of the second phase of the Education for Life Programme. This took place at the church’s Child’s Month Service which was held on Sunday May 17, 2015.

BCIC’s financial contribution was preceded by a heartfelt greeting from the BCIC family which was done by Mrs. Simone Foote, Marketing Manager, who stressed the importance of a close partnership to make the Programme a success. This year’s Education for Life participants, along with all the other children of the church, were decked out in their school uniforms… a truly spectacular sight. The service was led by two children, Rhianna Watson and Rhia Bromfield, whom Mrs. Foote dubbed ‘future leaders’ before taking the time to commend and thank Reverend Dr. Ralph Hoyte, the church’s retired minister who first introduced the Programme.

BCIC saw it fit to deepen their partnership with the St. Andrews Scots Kirk United Church by not only assisting with the finances but also “to contribute 12.5 hours of contact time per week from now to the end of June” by way of 11 staff volunteers highlighted Mrs. Doreen Samuels, Human Resource Manager at BCIC, who handed over the cheque. The contribution was elatedly received by Diane Ferguson, affectionately called ‘Aunty Debbie’, who spearheads the Programme. Miss Ferguson thanked BCIC for their continued support over the years and expressed that the Education for Life Programme is grateful for BCIC’s financial and human resource assistance.

Subsequent to the Programme’s launch, an Orientation was conducted at the church on Monday May 18, 2015 where the 11 BCIC staff volunteers, namely, Maiha Reid, Sashane Davidson, Debbie-Ann Leslie-Campbell, Nashoon Haye, Yvette Owen, Shayon Prehay-Thompson, Sheron Ragbeir, Davee Williamson, Owen Duckie, Kimberley Morgan and Nastasica Robertson along with Doreen Samuels and Simone Foote were present. The briefing session was facilitated by the Education For Life staff who gave a report for the period January – May 2015 and informed the group of what to expect and what is expected of them. The volunteers indicated what areas and age groups they would like to focus on and overall we had a very productive meeting.

BCIC would like to especially thank Messrs. Brian Murdock and Raymond Wilson of BCIC who happily volunteered to be our ‘camera- men’ for the Church Service and Orientation respectively; also special thanks to Warren Roy Gordon, ICD Group’s Digital Marketing Associate, who accepted the invitation to come out to the church service and support the BCIC family in this momentous occasion. Click here to view photo highlights of the church service. And oh, please do not forget to LIKE our Facebook Page!