Vernon Carl Matalon

Vernon Matalon is renowned for his great sense of humour and his easygoing manner. He was a natural salesman and became involved in retail trading particularly at Facey Commodity and was later given the task of expanding the business in the rural areas. Vernon left Facey to join the Cold Storage Division. He ran the company for 6 years and made Jamaica Cold Storage a success. From there he joined United Motors, which was struggling at the time. The motor vehicle market was small and highly regulated, with cars only allowed entry into Jamaica though government permits. In an effort to save the company he took a giant risk and went to Japan to convince Toyota to appoint United Motors as a distributor of their products in Jamaica. The timing of this venture was a challenge as the success hinged on a change of government that promised to open up the market. He changed the future of United Motors which became a huge success in selling Toyota vehicles in Jamaica. Vernon later became the President and CEO of ICD and was known to expand their management system for a greater utilisation of computer systems within the operations.