Mayer Michael, O.J MATALON

Mayer Matalon was an outstanding student and grew to be one of Jamaica’s leading financial visionaries. Despite not having the privilege of growing up in a well-off family he was focused on achieving success and when his older brothers returned from the Second World War they joined together to co-found Commodity Services Company (CSCo). Together they built a successful conglomerate with Mayer being the mastermind in financial negotiations. He was able to secure funding for the first housing project, Mona Heights, and became an important resource for successive Jamaican governments during his lifetime. Mayer conceptualised the National Housing Trust and was part of the negotiating team for the bauxite levy where international bauxite companies were made to pay taxes on the mining of the natural resource and exporting ore from Jamaica. He spent his life committed to the family business and was the first Chairman of ICD when it was formed.