Construction & Dredging (C&D) was added in 1962, through joint ownership with Construction Aggregates of Chicago who provided expertise and other technical assistance. C&D initiated dredging projects to meet the local needs for channel dredging, land reclamation, beach development, port construction and infrastructure. One significant project was the construction of the Hunts Bay Causeway and bridge across the western end of Kingston Harbour.

While Commodity Service Company Limited (CSCo) was making significant strides in the construction industry, they continued to expand their commercial and merchandising operations by acquiring, wholly or partially, long established firms and enterprises. These include United Motors, the Phillips and Kelvinator appliance agencies, sold under the Homelectrix banner and A. Lionel Levy Ltd, general commission agents.

It was realised that the rapid expansion of CSCo through the development of new entrepreneurial opportunities would put a strain on the human and financial resources of the company.  A decision was therefore that all new activity for CSCo would cease and be done under the banner of the newly formed Industrial Commercial Development (ICD) Group of Companies, which was floated on the fledgling Jamaica Stock Exchange in 1962.

Later that year, ICD purchased Cecil B. Facey Ltd and its subsidiary, P.A. Benjamin. The Grocery  Products, Hardware, and Agency Divisions of CSCo were transferred to Cecil B. Facey.

In 1966 the company was renamed Facey Commodity Co, and became the largest of ICD’s subsidiaries by turnover. Under the ICD Group, and over three decades, Facey Commodity Company Limited grew to become the one of the largest distributors in Jamaica operating in the food, pharmaceutical and hardware sectors.

Also, in the 1960s, Home Appliance Finance Corporation (HAFC) was established to finance sales of appliances on hire purchase by the group’s newly established retail appliance chain Homelectrix. The Group also acquired Brooks’Shoppers Fair and Town & Country Stores, which ultimately became Universal Stores Limited, operators of the Shoppers Fair supermarket chain.

Within fifteen (15) years ICD had become a dominant force in the Jamaican economy and the name was well known throughout the country and beyond. By the late 1980’s major brands such as Facey Commodity, Butterkist Biscuits, Serge Island Dairies, Redimix Concrete, Shoppers Fair Supermarkets, Caribbean Brush Company, United Motors, HoFab Stocking Manufacturing & P.A. Benjamin were all part of the ICD Group of Companies. Ever innovative, Serge Island Dairies was the first company to process UHT milk that could be stored without refrigeration. Shopper’s Fair Supermarkets introduced the Jamaican consumer to scanners at the checkout counter. United Motors introduced the Toyota brand to Jamaica. West Indies Home Contractors developed a proprietary building system unique to the tropics and geared at employing large pools of unskilled labour. At its zenith WIHCON erected approximately 70 houses per week.