Aaron Joseph Matalon

Aaron Matalon had to start working at 14 years of age because his father’s business failure forced him to leave school and he was needed to help support the family financially during those hard times. While his brothers went to fight in the Second World War Aaron supported the rest of the large family. He worked with his father at Matalon & Company until 1949. When his father died he took over the role of patriarch and cared for his mother and younger siblings until they were able to manage on their own. Later he went on to become CSCo’s Chairman.
Aaron also played an important role in the Mona Developments as his marketing instincts helped to drive the sales of that first ever housing development, despite the negative press that discouraged persons from buying houses in a development. He handled the public relations with grace and sincerity and addressed the issues in the Gleaner. His experiences as a young man trained him to be a caring boss and he was also attributed with the management of staff training, development. His lack of formal education gave him respect for training and education drove him to establish the Institute of Management and Production which was the leading training institution for business for a number of years.