Yute Build II

YUTE Build is an initiative under the Yute Upliftment Through Employment programme that targets the training of youths in construction skills, which increases their access to employment. The first MOU was signed in November 2012 between the Government and YUTE Limited. Given the success of Phase 1 of the Yute Upliftment Through Employment (YUTE) Build Programme, the Government has committed J$32 million for the expansion of the second phase of the programme (YUTE BUILD II).

YUTE Build is a positive step, which imparts new skills to youths and engages them in the national productivity drive, which will develop and maintain their self-worth.

The key changes that will be implemented in Phase 2 of the programme include: the increase of participants to 100, the provision of literacy and numeracy skills, training of 50 participants who do not possess the required qualifications, extension of the life of the programme to 18 months and enhancement of the counselling support provided to participants.

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